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6 April, 2007 – The Frames

the completed frames on the jig

With the completion of the jig, framing began in late 2006 and continues to this day. Thin laminates are bent directly onto the jig and glued together. The first quarter of the boat, the laminates are 3 1/2 inch pieces. The middle third, 4 3/8 inch pieces; and the final quarter, 6 1/4 inch pieces. This is due to the increasingly tight compound curvature of the hull heading into the cantilevered stern.

Once a set of frames is glued up, they are taken off and faired. This entails both cleaning up any errant epoxy as well as beveling the frames fore and aft so that they are parallel with a hypothetical transverse plane. This will simplify the installation of bulkheads and interior furniture on down the line. Once the frames are finished, they are reattached to the jig, permanently glued at the backbone, bilge stringer and shear clamp and temporarily screwed to the rib bands. These temporary screws will come out after planking. Once the hull is complete, I will bolt through frame, stringer and planking at at both the bilge stringer and clamp.

The frames are lamented white oak. I failure tested various samples of 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 12″ laminates (the final dimensions are 1.5 inches molded, 2 inches sided). The results are presented here.

The plan is to finish frames this month. The order has gone in for a pile of Doug Fir, which will be reawn on the Wood Master into strip planks. I have a work crew assembled for a May planking.

finished frames waiting final installation

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