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Planking started in late May. For a week Bob, Wendy, Carol and Vern LoVerde, Ken Kirkland and Kate spent various amounts of time finishing the final preparations, such as cutting weep holes at the base of the frames. The garboard strake, if you can call it that in strip plank construction, was laid May 30 with Bob, Wendy, Carol, Vern and Ken present.

The technical particulars; I am bonding adjacent planks with epoxy as well as edge nailing on 6″ centers with 316 stainless ring shank nails (L = 2 3/8″, Φ = .113″) fired from a Paslode framing nailer. Most planks were scarfed to length, although the last few runs are simple butt joints where long lengths are needed, landing the joints on the frames to give a little extra backing. Extra edge nails are used at the joints as needed. Planks are also screwed into the frames at every other frame as well as into the stem and the deadwood or transom.

Pictures below…

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  1. Brent Strine permalink
    March 4, 2013 3:20 am

    This is so incredible! Nice work and persistence! I would love to see the finished Malabar II

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