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a strip planking on foam core mold model

After deciding to build John Alden’s Malabar II  in Capon Springs, West Virginia, there was much to do. Jonah started searching Philadelphia for a place to build in. After a great deal of looking, he found the workshop of (the now bankrupt) Humdinger Inc. through the American Avenue Empowerment Zone and we signed a lease starting in February of ’04.

Meanwhile, Bob was constructing a model of Malabar on foam core molds. Crudely replicating the actual construction process, we used thin strips of wood and tacked them to the foam core molds with hot glue. Once all the planking was in place, a slathering of epoxy resin locked the strips together so the hull could be popped off the molds.

Also being assembled in Maryland were the tools (see the technical page) including a 10″ table saw, 18″ bandsaw, Joiner and thickness planers, and a pile of camps. We even bought a ’95 Tacoma with 160,000 miles (still runs like a champ) for general hauling. The tools were transported up I-95 and shop setup began. This entailed moving allot of unused tools, equipment, benches, a computer controlled plasma cutter, engines and other industrial knick-knacks to other parts of the shop. Pat Monahan of Monahan brothers construction, who I share the space with, was kind enough to lend me his forklift, so we made quick work of it. As the shop roof leaked badly, I also built a series of rain canopies to direct water flow into strategically placed buckets. All of this work took me into mid March of 2004. By this time, I had left my structural engineering job at Keast & Hood Co. and was ready to begin full time construction.

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